SheWolf Sacred

Chicago-Based, Global purpose revolution to venerate the embodied feminine soul


What is natural, instinctual, + vital within the human experience?

Through artistic mediums + interdisciplinary spaces, we create a process + platform for stories of divine resilience. Our intention is to provide an intersectional feminist approach to support those that have been impacted by systems of oppression. As a channel of unity consciousness, we connect, move, + witness to engage in collective transformation + liberation. Our experiences + offerings range from ancient ritual practices + cultural exchanges to contemporary expressions.


We strive to foster community through embodiment + empowerment of healing arts, performance as therapy, + story-telling, in order to ::

Raise Consciousness // Summon Instinctual Nature // Claim Sovereign Knowing // Cultivate Wholeness // Ignite Passion + Invoke Desire // Enliven Health + Healing // Thrive in Creative Power


We the members of SheWolf community commit our lives to embody these values ::

Authenticity // Accessibility // Connection // Collaboration // Creativity // Excellence // Harmony // Inclusivity // Universality


SheWolf was the most amazing performance I've yet to witness! The passion and creativity radiating off all the performers created a field of strength, beauty, empowerment and primal nature all to embrace as the divine feminine soars with majestic magick! A spectacle of a life time!!! Love to all my sisters, old and new <3
JAI MA!! <3 <3 <3 <3 

SheWolf brings very empowering & courageous qualities when it comes to expressing the feminine/divine feminine that’s resides within us all!!! IT’S MOVING, Heart-touching, & a TRUE work of art one needs to experience first hand. Very grateful that something like is here in physical manifestation. Highly Recommend SheWolf!!!!

In addition to being a brilliant choreographer, Julie is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. Her approach to dance is holistic, collaborative, and all-inclusive. I have performed in several of her pieces and it has always been an enriching experience. I am not the most technically strong dancer, but Julie has never made me feel “less than,” and she always has tricks up her sleeve to help me pattern my movement in such a way that I enjoy the process and the product. Anyone who has the opportunity to dance in one of her pieces or receive her movement education services is in for a juicy, satisfying experience!


Soulful Embodyment

authentic movement // Conscious + Social dancE // tantra facilitation

Where there is movement, there is life.

Creative energy, infused with Love, is why I am here. It is the life force energy that runs through my veins, the breath that inspires my lungs to inflate, + the rhythm that allows my heart to beat to this unique soul song. It is the spark that ignites my soul to embody the important role I play in creating this shared reality. I expand into newness. Every fiber of my being is growing, expanding, evolving in the light. My soul has always craved dance. Ever since I was a tiny cluster of cells in my momma’s belly, I needed to move.

I was called to dance.

When I dance, I feel the range of what it means to be alive. With my body as its canvas, instrument, + vessel, we (body/mind/spirit) go on this wild + precious ride. Dance is the expression that allows me to equally lose myself + find myself again + again.

I hold space for others to do the same.


Ever since I began taking Julie’s abunDANCE class I have truly felt such a transformation within myself on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Through Julie’s understanding of the mind, emotions, and heart, she has offered me a space to learn how to understand my feelings and how my body holds and expresses these feelings so that I am better able to live more fully, authentically and expressively through the body. I can noticeably dance with less fear because Julie’s guidance through dance movement has allowed me to witness myself, believe in myself and love myself through moving through these emotions rather than just thinking about them. Julie is one of the greatest souls I have ever encountered in this lifetime, she is warm, and holds space in a way that welcomes you to feel and to not feel ashamed for your feelings. I am a better person, a better dancer, and I understand myself on a deeper level now because of Julie.

I started going to Julie’s AbunDANCE class as a way to revive during the workday, but it’s so much more! The instruction Julie gives helps me find and articulate the connection between movement and being. Through creative prompts we’re able to feel free uninhibited movement while inspecting blockages as movement translates to Life. I leave feeling fulfilled and re-invigorated.

Julie is an incredible and unique teacher. Her classes capture the perfect balance of purposeful guidance and freedom to explore my inner world through the landscape of the body. Every time I come into a class, I feel truly seen and welcomed, and I leave feeling invigorated and alive. It's really amazing what a good teacher can do to empower creativity, emotional embodiment, and Self-love, and Julie is the epitome of it.



Hues of Wholeness

dance/movement therapy + Counseling // Reiki energy Balancing // intuitive oracle card + Astrology readings

 My intention is to guide beings back into their bodies with a felt sense of h(OM)e by re-claiming safety, owning their truth, expanding their awareness, stepping into their power, + creating with passion + purpose. In the process, we tap into different aspects of the psyche, stored in the body, which have been silenced, shrunken, or scared. My goal is to create a safe, inclusive, nonjudgmental space in order to express, liberate, + uplift.

To be in your power is to claim your joy, deliver your gifts, + own your part in the life you create.

Stepping into your power means that you recognize + accept that you are complete within yourself, without the need for any particular thing, person, circumstance, or outcome.  You give up the illusion that anything outside of yourself gives you happiness, control or power.

Stepping into your power = to be in your healing process. Moving towards a place of self-love, compassion, trust, + honesty. It is an energetic place of alignment I ‘step into’...

Where I am living from my most authentic + whole self?

Where I can rewrite the narratives of my past memories as gifts to own + bring with me?

Where I can see my journey unfolding exactly as it is, guided by intuition + truth?

All of this happens in the NOW; it is always available to you.


Deciding to work with Julie over Arthur Murray Chicago was the best decision my husband and I could have made while preparing for our wedding and our first dance.

Julie is creative and attentive and so fun! She clearly communicates ideas and was open to our physical and emotional needs and ideas by exploring ways to incorporate our needs into the warm up and the overall project. She offered exercises and interventions to help us acquaint to the space, to our bodies, and to each other in a way my husband and I had never previously experienced. 

Having Julie support my husband and me to connect and create a dance that felt approachable and impressive for us was the best gift. Not only did we have a fantastic end product -- our families are still watching a video of our wedding dance on repeat! -- but we established a means of getting us right to the core of our feelings and into connection like nothing else can. No matter how we entered the studio, even if we came into the session with stress, tension, anger and frustration, we always left with a smile, a sense of feeling lighter, optimism and deeper connection to our new and growing love. We got rave reviews on our wedding dance because it was playful, engaging, exciting and fun! And we had a blast doing it! 

We felt so comfortable being ourselves with Julie and she helped coach us into allowing our honest emotions to fuel the passion of our first dance. We cannot wait for more classes and workshops to move and create with Julie! We would highly recommend her for wedding dance coaching, couples therapy and to lead contact improvisational techniques and so much more! 

I hired Julie to help me choreograph a dance piece that was incredibly personal for a performance.  My initial intent was for the piece to represent a recent personal trauma.  Julie was "all-in" from the beginning.  She was the ultimate professional- on time and communicative.  Most importantly, she always seemed to ask the right questions at just the right moments to get me to dig deeper.  It was an emotional journey, and Julie's support was not only instrumental to helping me create the piece, but to helping me move through an incredibly difficult time.  Julie was open, responsive and supportive of my process. She gently introduced suggestions for consideration, all the while making sure that the piece remained my own.  She made space for my vulnerability and supported me every step of the way.  Her eye for effort and space brought out layers in the piece that I may not have realized otherwise.  In the end, the piece symbolized so much more than I had anticipated and was an immense part of my healing.  I am so pleased with the end result and it will forever remain one of my favorite and most authentic performances.  Thank you, Julie, for your lovely, gentle spirit and fiery passion for creating meaningful art and movement expression!

Last week I had an absolutely incredible healing session with Julie. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stressful family situations lately and have felt very weighed down by the heaviness of it all, but one hour with Julie literally lifted it all away! I was so soothed from her combination of therapies that I fell asleep on the table, despite it being the middle of the day. She used both tuning forks and drumming in addition to the Reiki, neither of which I have experienced before. I was blown away by how powerful the drumming was! As Julie played it through my aura I could tangibly feel the energy around me shift. When I woke up I felt blissed out on a level I haven’t felt in a long time. I felt tranquil, I felt serene, and I felt light again. As a Reiki Master Teacher I do not often receive healing, and I have never received energy work from Julie before, so I was truly blown away by her and her gifts. I did not divulge to her the struggles I have been going through, but she was able to sense all of it anyway through my energy. I highly recommend seeing her if you need an energy reset or help connecting to your inner radiance!


SoulMoves Alchemy

Mentorship // International retreats // birth doula support // flow arts facilitation + Performance

If you want to know what your purpose is; follow your healing. This is what I know to be true.

For the dark upheaval of your deepest fears, shadows, wounds will turn into the alchemy, the gold, the rich well of knowledge + wisdom that guide you. These are the gifts that are yours to share with others. They are rooted in direct experience + ownership of your own circumstances.

You will no longer be a passive victim, but an active participant in the authorship + creation of your own life.

Affirm with me :: I am worthy of healing. My healing has meaning.

Living life from an inspired, aligned, + authentic place takes less effort than you may imagine. The key is to allow your true nature to radiate from within. The work is to ground in the idea that you are enough exactly as you are.

You are powerful + beautiful + divine. You are worthy of the life you desire. From this place, the path is clear. From this place, you are living your truth. The road to freedom is paved with good intentions + inspired actions. It is here + now, with every step.

Breathe + RECEIVE your gifts.


Brandy White

I am grateful to be a Dance/Movement Therapist. Where else would I be surrounded by wise, compassionate, deeply rooted people who are in search of the same thing as me. We serve others. And in doing that, we serve ourselves. It is a beautiful interplay and dance.

I was excited to work with Julie Brannon because I had the feeling I'd get much more than placed choreography on my body. In fact, this is what happened in that rather short amount of time.

I reached down into the dirt in wide tribal stance, I felt my "mother" self and my ability to birth a child. I reached up in vulnerability, shackled but held then released and reminded of my feminine strength. This was not the "strength" I had been harnessing so many years, which was valued as more masculine than feminine. I could feel my fragility as a sense of actual power. There were stuck moments when my back was literally against the wall and I froze for several minutes. Once my body was ready to release it did so into the ground where I found a familiar place in the tiny grain of the wood floor. I was a child again, a little girl. I was truly there for a good 5 minutes. I saw her hands, and I just looked in awe at how amazing they were. These hands had been with me all this time. Then to look upon my feet. These feet that I have danced with, ran with, hustled with. I loved them once again. I loved my body in this moment. This was no small thing.

There was a moment when I became aware that I had heavy black wings made of stone on my back. They were so heavy. But they crumbled and I was released again. Released, released, released. Again and again, released.

So to the wolf women I say, thank you. Thank you for allowing me the chance to get there in that perfect moment in time. Julie Brannon, you are a compassionate force to be reckoned with. You are deep, spiritual and connected to our female ancestors in a way I have never seen.


Mia Kelly

I loved the Warrior Women Rising workshop led by Julie! With a great DJ and a solid room packed with powerful women, all of our spirits soared that evening. It’s great to step outside of ones comfort zone and really bond with other like minded women in a vulnerable workshop such as this. Vulnerable comes to mind when we did an eye gazing practice with a single partner and my partner for this exercise turned out to be a divine connection indeed! Turns out the woman I was paired with had also spent an extended amount of time away from home traveling India by herself, a journey I was about to take a few weeks after this workshop! Alignment and true connection. Around us we could hear women crying, women laughing. Expression and a true sense of letting go was felt throughout the workshop.
No judgments. Just BEING.
I’m grateful for Julie’s grace in leading this workshop for women- and I’ll most definitely attend another!


Norma Bucholtz

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the time we spend together. Working with you was a learning experience as to how to find my way into alignment with the right manifesting frequency. As I continue to find the forces with in me. I knew I needed it some assistance since I kept sabotaging myself over and over again, and even though I was sure of what I wanted to do, I constantly missed opportunities because I was not brave enough to take them on. You guide me in a way I was able to find my confidence and the reassurance to take on on my gifts and used them in a better way so I can profit from and do what I love the most. Sometimes we need some assistance on how to make things happen and you were there for me, as I confronted my old issues that I allowed constantly to hunt me. You approach was simple but at the same time it took effort and lost of inner work, that now I understand why I was not in alignment with my desires. it’s amazing how things started to happen once I trusted on the work we were doing. As I let myself go and remove the soil with in me, thank you for your guidance and support during each session. Thank you for helping me to clear my path so I can continue on with a clear vision of how to persuade my purpose as a healing facilitator.


Karen Atwater

I am so thankful for the love, compassion, light, guidance, and space Julie provided for me. Through our webcam meetings and our in person sessions, she helped me find a place within myself. A place where my inner fire & wild woman live. A place where I can now go to find peace through the daily trials and tribulations of life. She taught me how to meditate, trust another to hold space for me, performed a magical Reiki session & reminded me of the importance of staying intune with my body. My 6 months of working closely with Julie was a mind, body, & soul journey through healing, discovery, & building a foundation for my new life. I'm just so grateful for her presence in my life!